Episode 1: Intros and Interviews

"Come Get Some!"

Here at The Transit Gate we like to start things out with a bang. In Episode 1 we have a very special guest, Joshua Newman, creator and publisher of MFZ and other games. We talk about his journey through the world of indie game design, pick his brain about his influences, and discuss the lifespan of MFZ thus far and going forward. First, we introduce ourselves, talk about what we love about MFZ, and fill you in on what to expect from the podcast going forward.

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Systems Powering Up

"Bring it."


Greetings fellow and future MoF0s! If you’re reading this right now, that means you have likely just discovered The Transit Gate. Let me be the first to welcome you to the home of the first Mobile Frame Zero Podcast. Dexter Schiller, Ian Porter, and myself (Greg Strom) are in the process of putting together the foundation for what we hope to be a long standing resource for the MFZ community, and hopefully we’ll have a good time too! Our goals for this podcast are pretty simple. We want to help build the MFZ community first and foremost. This means introductions to the game and how it’s played, dice, systems, combat, cover, etc. Discussion about designing and building your frames, how to get the bricks and other resources to sit down and play, how to play (and hopefully win) when you get to that table, and a few tidbits about the setting are all things that we plan to bring you. Until we get things up and running, you can check us out on facebook!


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