Episode 4: The Free Colonies



It’s July! And since we celebrate the independence of our own free colony this month, it’s only fitting that we talk about the Free Colonies in this episode! We also discuss potential MFZ tournament structure and how to organize your company for it, system uniformity, basing your frames, how to use stations to your advantage, and the Hi Leg! There is a little more background noise in this recording but the audio should be much louder than the previous episodes. Thanks for listening!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 4: The Free Colonies

  1. Hi! Just listened to the four podcast and they are great! Pls more about tactics, frame designs and the frame builders outside (like af/ny, ced23ric..or alternate lego designs by zizy2…)! Any chance, that you put up (generally) a gallery of the companies you are talking about in the podcast (comissions, Dex old & rebuild ones by Soren…), terrain and DCC stuff?? Looking forward for newer episodes and sry for all the prens 🙂

    1. Thanks for listening and glad you enjoyed it! If you take a look over on our Facebook page (link is at the bottom of the episode) we have a bunch of pictures there of our frames and stuff from events like DCC.

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